About Shivanii Says

Shivanii Says is a website about life, love and friendships.

Thanks to modern technology, I’m your friend that you can turn to for a gossip and a chat over a glass of wine – no matter where in the world you are!

I want you to feel like you’re not alone, because you’re not. There is always someone else who is going through or has been through the same thing. I want you to realise that you’re not alone.

I am here to talk to you about something funny and light-hearted (like who I think should win The Bachelor or why I think that Anna Kendrick is the most underrated celebrity), but I can also be the person you turn to when you want to have a serious chat about life, love and friendships.



Shivanii Says is written by…. You guessed it! My name is Shivanii (my friends call me Shiv) and I live in Brisbane, Australia with my partner, Gareth, and our two cats, Lilli and Nissa.

I love to write and started my first blog, Quarter Life Crisis in February 2017. I realised pretty quickly that while I loved to help my readers, the point I was at in my life had changed. I wanted to keep the blog going, but I was finding it difficult to write for. So one day I decided to cut my losses and transform Quarter Life Crisis into what it is today, Shivanii Says.

Shivanii Says is friendly, sincere and relatable, while also trying my best to be knowledgeable with a hint of funny. I’m really happy with where it’s going. I can’t wait for you to come along this journey with me! Don’t forget to join our little family by subscribing to our mailing list. You’ll get updates and access to some cool freebies!

If you ever want have a question, talk about something I’ve written, or just want to have a chat please feel free to email me at hello@shivaniisays.com.

Shiv x