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The world today is a scary place. Donald Trump is President of the United States, our PM is severely out of touch with young/middle class/everyday people,and a free world doesn’t have the same connotations it did twenty years ago. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what is really going on in the world around me. Nothing is what is seems anymore.

Who do you trust for your news? Your 6 o’clock news bulletin? Your local Murdoch-owned newspaper outlet? Or do you find your news independently or from reputable resources? There is so much noise out there and it is hard to know who to trust and what is happening in the real world.

Here are four documentaries which started my quest for knowledge and I hope it will do the same for you. Binge watch them all this weekend!



Have you heard of Edward Snowden? He told the world about what kind of information the US Government was storing about not only Americans, but the rest of the world as well. He ousted the NSA’s wire-tapping practices and is currently wanted by the American Government for treason. This documentary is produced by Steven Soderbergh and directed by Oscar nominee Laura Poitras and follows the secret meetings that took place with the media, in order to make this information public. Poitras not only directed the film but was also one of the three original people Snowden came clean to, meeting in secret and going on record with his startling revelations. Citezenfour is made up of that footage and tells the story of how they all risked their freedom to tell the world their story what was being hidden from them.



Hot Girls Wanted is a 2015 American documentary on young adult pornography directed by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus and produced by Rashida Jones. The film was supposed to be an exploration of how young men consumed pornography on college campuses. When the filmmakers realised that these videos predominately stared young women, they changed their direction to tell the stories of the large number of young women in the porn industry. It’s an evocative movie and you are guaranteed to be both outraged and concerned about the young girls, especially if you relate to them.




Do you remember the civil unrest that unfolded when the Ukrainian people fought against their government? No? Yeah, it was barely even mentioned in our media, despite the fires in the main square and people being shot in the street. In 2013, the Ukrainian government tried to ignore the people’s wish for closer ties with the European Union. But the people refused to be ignored. Winter on Fire is a first-hand account of the turmoil, directed by Evgeny Afineevsky. It shows the front lines of the fight and how people both young and old fought for their country, against their country. It’s shocking to think that something like that could happen in a country with people so much like Australians. It’s a must watch.




We Are Legion tells the story of Anonymous. This group started as internet trolls and then quickly rose to become the biggest hacktivist group in the world. Director Brian Knappenberger shows how Anonymous formed and how they became a tool for social change, by taking on the Church of Scientology, the Westboro Baptist Church, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and major government agencies, including those of the United States. This documentary shines a light on the Internet’s darkest corners, and shows you what it takes to use your skills for the betterment of people.

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