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Aren’t We All Scrappy Little Nobodies?

As soon as I found out that Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick had written a book, I was unbelievably excited and I pre-ordered the book straight away. Anna Kendrick is not only and unbelievably talented actress and performer, she is beautiful and also unbelievably intelligent and hilarious. It’s almost enough to make you hate her, but she is down to earth and so incredibly normal that you can’t help but love her. Her book, Scrappy Little Nobody, is a collection of autobiographical essays which follow her life as a child theatre star whilst living in Maine, through her move to LA and the start of her film career, and little titbits from her life up until now.

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She does mention some of her famous co-stars such as Zac Efron, Aubrey Plaza, George Clooney and Chris Pine, but this is by no means a tell-all Hollywood book. Anna has a razor sharp wit and each essay in the book is like a Twitter post which isn’t confined to 140 characters. The book is full of her observations on her life, as well as life in general. She talks about being an awkward kid (and adult, let’s be honest) and her experiences with dating, friendships, jobs, living pay check to pay check and relationships. She is honest and doesn’t shy away from talking about making silly decisions, sex, and drugs. Her observations are witty and self-deprecating, while maintaining a balance between serious and funny.

The most fascinating thing that I found was how she talks about balancing being an actress and all the fame and expectations that comes with it, and not quite believing she is ‘famous.’

On having paparazzi follow her: “For the next three weeks or so, someone was outside my apartment. What they didn’t count on was my god-given ability to stay indoors and do nothing. The real beauty of it was I didn’t even have to alter my behavior. I wasn’t holed up Waco-style; I was just doing me. Every now and then a similar thing will happen. I’ll notice a strange car outside, and, as an experiment, I’ll take a trip to Home Depot, and when the car follows me, I think, looks like a two-week stretch of takeout and Netflix is in order; this poor man doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.”

Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick - Book Review

The best part about this book is how honest she is. When you read this book, you really feel like you’re two friends, chilling on your couch in your pyjamas with a bottle of wine and she’s just telling you a story. The second best bit, is that you realise just how normal she is. She talks about when she was doing a press tour for Up in The Air (in which she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress), she would get sent to events and have stylists pick out her clothes and have her hair and makeup done, all to come home to her IKEA furnished bedroom which she shared with roommates.

To be completely honest, I did expect the book to be a bit more laugh out loud funny. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely moments, but the book is more satirical and sarcastic and relatable, which makes the book even better.

After reading this book I am now even more convinced that if we actually lived in the same country, Anna and I would become best friends. What do you think, Anna? Wine and Pizza next time you’re in Australia? Hit me up!

Love this review? You can purchase Scrappy Little Nobody here (and we definitely recommend it!)

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