The Ultimate Guide to Staying In

Can we all please just agree that going out sucks? It is literally the worst thing I can think of doing. You don’t agree with me? Sure, you might get drinks, dancing and friends, but you also get sweaty people bumping into you, spilt drinks and usually a ton of drama, not to mention losing a lot of money and usually your dignity along the way. Today I can literally think of nothing worse.

I used to love going out. I was a bartender, and I used to go out after work or on my nights off. Then I got a day job and I kept going out because I knew everyone. I loved to dress up and go out with my friends and dance all night. The thing is, you can do all those things while staying in. Here is our guide to having an amazing time, without leaving your living room!

Going out is so five years ago... Check out our ultimate guide to staying in!

Board Game Night

This is my all-time favourite thing to do. Get some wine, a cheese platter and get your friends over and stay in for some good old fashioned board game fun. My tip? You can always go with the classics like Scrabble and Monopoly you can try out some of these awesome games instead!

My favourites are Betrayal at House On The Hill which is basically a B-Grade horror movie in the form of a board game, with 50 possible endings; Settlers of Catan, a trading game which is a little bit like Monopoly but you get to build an empire from scratch; Pandemic, a game where you all play as a time to cure diseases that are outbreaking all over the world; and Fluxx, a card game where the rules are constantly changing as the game goes along.


Grown-Up Scary Movie Sleepover

My favourite thing to do as a kid was to go to my friends place and have a sleepover. That was probably because it was the only times I could watch horror movies and eat a whole lot of sugar (I grew up with very strict parents). Get your closest friends around, drag your mattress into your lounge room and get some pizza, lollies and a whole heap of alcohol and watch some REALLY scary movies – because you’re a grown ass adult and should be able to handle them!

Why not try classics like the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and The Exorcist, or the recent Aussie release The Babadook – all guaranteed to give you chills.

Dinner Party

Why not go all out and be a real adult and throw a dinner party for your friends? Cook something delicious (check out these recipes if you need some inspiration!), invite some friends over and set a pretty table. Make the night really special and get all your friends to dress up, drink wine and sit down to a beautiful set table. Really elevate the table setting and personalise the night by using place cards and this pretty blue dinner set. Nothing says ‘real adult’ more than staying in and throwing a proper dinner party for your friends.

TV Binge Night

Everyone love to Netflix and chill but you can take this up a notch. There are two ways to do this. You can set up a reoccurring night where you catch up with your friends once a week and watch your favourite show (this works really well for shows that are still airing like Game of Thrones) or you can grab some friends and your fave TV show and start watching in the morning and keep going until you finish or the weekend is over, whichever comes first! I recommend shows that you can’t stop watching like The Night Manager, which is only one season so it’s a great pick if you only have a day; The Wire for a classic Orphan Black which is a sci-fi work of art; or Workaholics for something lighter. This is guaranteed a full day of fun, it’s cheap and it is always a good time.

BBQ and Beer Pool Party

This one is so easy to do, cheap and so much fun, although you will have to leave your living room, it’s not safe to barbeque inside. Buy a carton of Coronas, cook some sausages and chill out in the sun. Don’t forget to get some inflatable pool toys like this giant inflatable swan and a selfie stick so you can take some awesome insta photos (because pics or it didn’t happen, right?). Don’t have a pool? No probs, I just substitute with one of these inflatable pools to keep you cool.

*Just a side note, this post includes some affiliate links – if you love something I talk about enough to buy it, you help me keep this blog going (and it doesn’t cost you anything)!

Going out is so five years ago... Check out our ultimate guide to staying in!

The Ultimate Guide to Staying In - because going out is so 2010! For all my homebodies who like to socialise but don't wan to leave their house.


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